NOT COMPLETE YET Brief info about the work of Xanth. (Taken from Wikipedia) In the world of Xanth there is magic everywhere. Each human character in Xanth is born with a unique magical ability, called a talent. With the exception of the curse fiends and the child Suprise Golem (Daughter of Rapunzel and Grundy Golem), these abilities never repeat exactly in individuals throughout the entire history of Xanth (although nearly identical talents show up on occasion.) Though many are limited in scope, (called the “spot-on-a-wall” variety), the series focuses mainly on individuals with “Magician” caliber abilities (one of the criteria for serving as King of Xanth). In addition to the human characters, Xanth is populated by centaurs, demons, dragons, fauns, gargoyles, goblins, golems, harpies, merfolk, naga, nymphs, ogres, zombies, curse fiends, and all other manner of fictional beasts. Though initially introduced as obstacles to the human characters, some individuals from those groups become main characters in later books of the series. As the series progresses, some of the half-human species are discovered to have the potential to possess magical talents. The centaurs of the primary centaur community, Centaur Isle, exile any centaurs who demonstrate a magical talent (although some centaur communities are more lenient about possession of talent); however, they tolerate talents in “lesser” races such as humans. Goblins and harpies are shown to have the potential to possess half-talents, the complementary half existing in a member of the other species, (i.e., a goblin must team with a harpy for them to utilize their talent); the hostility between goblins and harpies proved a major obstacle to any serious effort by them to work together to develop these potential talents. Other non-human species are also shown to possess potential for talents.

My Story:

A human sitting outside of his town on a hill. He still didn’t know his magical talent and was always made fun of for not having one. While sitting there he hears some voices around him coming up the hill. Not being able to make out who was there he lifts his hand to block out the sun. While doing this the ground in front of him in between is town and him become level with the hill he is on. Wondering what happened he lowered his hand and the ground went back to normal. Now learning he had “magician” talent of shaping the world around him, changed the lay out of Xanth and made it into one giant world. Wanting to get away from the people that made fun of him he makes his own island. He is not an evil person and half of the players playing my campaign could not have been made without him since there are no Mundania creatures in land of Xanth. side note (Mundania creatures are all the creatures of earth. Mundane creatures only stay on earth while Xanth creatures only stay in Xanth.) The players currently in my campaign are half-man half-wolf, half-man half-eagle, naga, and a demon. Each has their own power and range of magic ability. I had a five list of 20 powers and had them roll a d20 for each list. Out of those five powers they only get to pick one that they could use. After they pick their power they then again roll a d20 to see how powerful the talent would be. (i.e. “Spot on the wall” 1-3, Below Average 4-8, Average talent 9-12, Above Average 13-17, or ” Magician” talent 18-20)

World of Xanth